Iron Gladiators 2016

So the build up to Iron Gladiators has come and gone. What an amazing event this was and a first time for me venturing into another passionate sport for me.

Just want to give a big thank you to everyone who came down to support. To my parents for coming down and being there for both myself and Chennel.
To both Debbie Zoeker and Lionel W Phillips for coming down and being there to help us warm up, to Lionel for helping me in the warm up area and wrapping me up, your experience in this sport means a lot. For helping me with my bench press, for screaming on both the squats and deadlifts, your voice echoed throughout and this helped so much Big L.
Big shout out to Darien Bester for helping in the warm up area and helping out all the other athletes.

A big congratulations to the other athletes that participated Raksha Misthry, Samantha Amelia Dreyer, Anton, Donavan Pillay, Shilo Ramdin, Lee, Andy, Tristan. All you guys performed so well and set new PRs well done guys.

Lastly, to my amazing lady Chennel Jagesur who performed like a champion on the day. You hit all your lifts with the biggest smile ever and made them look easy. I am so so proud of you angel, well done!!

Now preparing for the next competition, bigger lifts to come.

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