Flexible Nutrition is not simply just macronutrient counting.

Flexible Nutrition is not simply just macronutrient counting. Full stop.

Awareness has been growing regarding the benefits of flexible nutrition methods, and it’s a welcomed breath of fresh air within the industry. Thank you to those SA professionals who have seen the logic behind this, and have chosen to supplement their views and approaches that were regarded as rigid at one time (including ourselves).

Whilst this growing awareness is welcomed, it is important to understand that flexible nutrition is not just macronutrient counting. In fact, flexible nutrition can be pulled off without having to ever track a single macro! And sadly, flexible nutrition is being painted with a very simple brush of just saying, “Here’s a set of macros bro. Keep it cleanish. Good luck.”

As with anything in life, it’s important to invest the time and energy into studying these concepts rigorously, and taking the methodologies further. And I’m not talking about a 3-4 month online nutrition course. I’m talking about getting into the real nitty gritty aspects of this, and immersing yourself in the expansive science based literature that exists (not online bodybuilding forums, not bodybuilding.com, I’m talking source data and peer reviewed ish). The founding fathers of these principles are extremely giving and sharing of their knowledge base through institutions they have created, and it’s important to sacrifice ego and stand on the shoulders of these giants.

Flexible nutrition is one of the most highly advanced 13 tiered nutrition systems there are, where hybrid approaches can be created according to athlete psyche and skill level to increase the longevity of an athlete’s career, as well as engage in methods that keep others safe (psychologically as well as physically). Setting macronutrient baselines according to percentage intervals is not optimal either which seems to be a common misconception. Dictating diet structure and timelines are more convoluted and complex than one would think, especially since psyche is used to judge this. Habit based skills form the foundation of this approach. It is multifaceted on many levels. There is no one set approach. It is not possible to create templating systems. This cannot be converted into a 12 week challenge if you wish to operate with integrity. In all honesty, wealth accumulation should take a resounding back seat when it comes to understanding this.

If you are interested in pursuing a flexible approach, please ensure the person you’re investing in has studied with reputable institutions that specialise in flexible methods. If you are a coach wanting to learn more, please do network with others who will help guide you toward the right institutions. We are a surprisingly giving network.

Always aim to operate with a dire sense of responsibility to those you are assisting, and if you have fumbled in the past by inflicting damaging methods onto others, please do have the integrity to admit this and move on to greener pastures.

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