Durban power lifting women show their strength

While national Women’s Day saw the strength of women celebrated across the country‚ a band of physically strong women took to a platform during a ladies-only power lifting competition in Durban.

Event organiser Rory Scheepers said that the competition‚ "Girl Power"‚ was meant to showcase the strength of women who are making inroads in the male dominated sport.

“Last year it was a success in Johannesburg and now we have a competition in the major centres and today we have 22 girls who have come to compete. In the past couple of years‚ ladies' strength training has just exploded. We want to show women that they are able to step onto the platform and compete‚ as opposed to just doing their thing in the gym‚” Scheepers said.

He said that competitions like the one held on Wednesday were valuable as they exposed women to the sport of power lifting.

“It is becoming more and more socially acceptable for women to be seen as strong and not within their normal stereotype. We have women of all weight classes here today and it is amazing to see. Every single one of them is breaking boundaries‚ not only by testing their own strength but showing people that this sport is not exclusively for men‚” Scheepers added.


What a day with incredibly strong women  I saw some awesome lifts today, and managed to nail a 305kg at 55kgs bodyweight! It was a Women's Day well spent 🙆🏋 Oh my lord how cool is this 😊 Thank you to these incredible people for helping to nurture and grow more women into being comfortable in the strength arena! Yesterday was a day for the books! So many good memories and so much sisterhood and support it was INSANE 🤗🙆🏋- Chennel Jagesur

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