Jared Pieters achieved a milestone that was hoped for, and furiously worked toward. Jared walked away as KZN's Heavy Weight Champ 2017.

Jared Pieters "I'm still trying to take in the results from this past weekend at the IFBB KZN Provincials. I stood on stage against some of SA's top heavyweight athletes and came home with gold, something that we've been working on since last year's placing. Standing up again to Mario Van Biljon and Mo Chili from last year both you guys brought some crazy conditioning to stage and definitely improved from last year. Thank you again guys for the opportunity to stand up against you two again.

I must give a huge thank you to my backbone, my biggest supporter and the one lady that I trust to do my prep. Chennel Jagesur you are one of a kind of lady and I couldn't ask for anyone better to look after me during my prep and making sure each macronutrient of my diet was calculated with precision. You made sure we brought a conditioned package to stage and we did.

I want to say a big thank you to Michelle Haas for coming up from Capetown to show support and see first hand what we go through backstage. Thank you again for your support.

To both my parents Craig and Sandy and my inlaws Nivi Jagesur and Jemmy Jagesur your screams and shouting meant a lot to me and having you guys there.

To all the friends and families that came down to support I really can't thank you enough for being there for boh Chennel and myself. Big thank you to Rory Jason Scheepers and Alison Mulder for being there for both Chennel and myself. You guys mean the world to us and your support goes a very long way.

And lastly a big thank you to IFBB SA for hosting such an amazing show. To Retha Lewis for helping each athlete back stage making sure eveything was in check.

It's back to the drawing board and the road to SA Champs starts now.

Looking forward to be up on stage again with SA's top athletss."

Michelle Haas, "Adventurous August Day #1: Getting to be back stage with all the athletes was inspiring, motivating and sheer jaw dropping to say the least. But getting to watch this amazing individual take gold in his line up was definitely the highlight of the day.
You don't quite understand the required perfect precision and timing of every aspect coming together in order to perform fully during that brief moment on stage until you have been back stage supporting one of the guys. I have new found respect for every individual in the sport.
@fitgirlchen and @jaredpieters being able to share that moment with you guys was an honour and so super proud to call you MY coaches and honoured to be apart of @fitguruconsulting. #day1 #adventurousaugust #Durban#ifbbprovincials #KZN #IFBB #takinghomegold #beast #fitguruconsulting#teamfitguru #bodybuilding #flexiblenutrition #scienceleadnutrition#scienceleadtraining #motivation #inspiration #goals #nowwhat "

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