For lots of people Christmas is a time for eating and drinking special festive goodies, often in much larger quantities than usual. All the parties, meals and general meet ups with family, friends, colleagues, and social groups can be a real challenge to anyone following a macro based eating plan.

But fear not.
With just three key ingredients – inspiration, information, and preparation, you can easily produce an amazing selection of delicious, macro-friendly and seasonally suitable dishes; leaving you free to enjoy this coming festive season without even a hint of post-indulgence guilt.
You already know just how flexible a macro based diet is, so calculating the protein, fat and carb numbers in most food made by others is already second nature. The problem with Christmas food is that many dishes are either unfamiliar or extremely rich in one or all of the food groups, making the temptation to lose your macro-balance quite strong.


Starting the festive season with a clear strategy, say to bulk out prepared party food with extra veg and salad, or to contribute macro-friendly items to the table, is a firm and positive step towards maintaining your eating regime without too much of a compromise. If that seems impossible to maintain for the entire time it can be combined with cutting back numbers on some days to allow for more on others without blowing any diet fuses!
Here you will find lots of great leads on everything from breakfasts, treats and desserts to entrees and even great alternatives to traditional Christmas day dinner food; great for when you are hosting, going to a pot-luck or someone asks for a macro-friendly recipe to make you a dinner treat.
Bearing in mind the general advice to have number targets which comprise of at least 80% health giving food, and no more than 20% junk or sugary food it should be easier than you first imagined to have an amazing Christmas time without feeling like meal times are something to be endured rather than enjoyed.

Holiday breakfasts deserve to be extra indulgent, especially if your regular macro based dietmeans falling back on the same couple of menu choices.
Take overnight oatmeal; if you like it regular style you’ll love this cake batter version. It packs a reasonable carb macro punch along with that essential long lasting fullness factor, making this the perfect breakfast dish to help you avoid over indulging in less healthy choices at major gatherings.
If you are feeding overnight guests, or simply feel like a treat yourself, these Smores pancakesare quick and easy to prepare using ingredients most folk have in their cupboard.
If you prefer to line your stomach with something savoury why not go for an indulgent egg, veggie and cheese frittata? That’s a good choice if you want to hoard your carbs for later in the day but still feel really satisfied.

Main meals
If you choose not to splurge on protein with a meat fuelled Christmas lunch you can still enjoy the taste of turkey by rustling up a macro-friendly meatloaf. Or snaffle what’s left of the bird and make this at home later! Another unusual and filling festive macro-choice is turkey and egg breakfast casserole. Don’t be fooled by the name as this is closest to a frittata than anything, and is equally good for lunch or supper.
If you plan to cook or several people over the holidays it is probably worth investing in a slow cooker. Then you can wow guests with evening meal treats such as sticky chicken wings, paella and chilli.
Christmas will give you plenty of opportunity and excuses to satisfy you r sweet tooth. For a substantial snack you can’t beat a chocolate coconut bar square, or two. The bonus is that these tasty treats are nut, dairy, egg and grain free, so are perfect for pretty much everyone to enjoy.
More inspiration, if needed, can be found with a bit of poking around the Internet, where recipes for goodies such as high protein peanut butter crispy fudge bites, chocolate and coconut protein truffles, and toffee apple loaf are lurking. Pinterest is another excellent source for unusual recipes, tips and lots of visual inspiration, and many pages have a good selection of pins about macro-based food.

The ultimate party contribution
Pot luck or not, any host or hostess would appreciate a gift of hand-made goodies, and with just a little effort you can make lots of tasty treats like sugar free peanut fudge, no bake raspberry truffles, or the ever popular, sweet fat bombs – which are all so macro friendly you may struggle with the thought of sharing! [Hot tip: it’s probably wise to avoid difficult decisions or a guilty conscience by simply making a second batch you can keep all for yourself!]
Eating well, getting fit and helping to maintain good health though a macro-based food diet has never been easier, so fill up your plate and enjoy, 365 days of the year.


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