IIFYM Scientific fact

The most important factor in weight loss is overall caloric consumption, and NOT a fixation on Low GI foods, diet foods, and what is termed as “clean foods.” Weight loss and good health are directly dependent on sufficient caloric restriction and fibre intake.

Here at Fit Guru Consulting, we hold our client’s metabolic and psychological health in the highest regard. It is for this reason that we constantly chase the most recent findings in the fields of nutrition and exercise science, and make a promise to constantly better ourselves to ensure we keep YOU safe. For a long time, we have found dogmatic and rigid dieting structures to be unsustainable, a psychological as well as financial stress.

It is for this reason that we have adopted a flexible dieting structure based on a multitude of scientific findings within the area of dieting and diet adherence. We want our program to turn into a lifelong approach, and not something clients follow for a short term 6-12 week phase. This needs to be a “forever plan”.

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