Fit Guru began in July 2015 after both Jared & Chennel competed at the Rossi Classic, their first bodybuilding show, where Jared placed 1st in the juniors under 23 line up, and Chennel became sponsored by Pure Nutrition Technologies. It became clear to them that this was where their passion lay, and they chose to follow it. Especially given Chennels's transformation to the stage, they became inundated with questions and queries from ladies and men hoping to do the same. It was at this point Chennel chose to further her studies within Sports Nutrition through the International Sports Science Association (ISSA) and the Shredded by Science Academy.

At that point, they didn't really know that they would become one of the first companies on SA soil spreading the word about macro nutrients based coaching. They were the new kids on the block, and it certainly wasn't easy, but the challenge proved more than worth it. In the space of a year, they've created an independent thinking team who understands the importance of science based methods, and how important it is to continue furthering yourself with regard to information and knowledge surrounding more contemporary coaching methods. They've opened up a contemporary path toward sports nutrition in South Africa , and it's been one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives.



Fit guru is a dedicated team who are on personal journeys with their clients. They practice what they preach. What their clients get is passionate trainers who are committed to improving the lives of their clients.

Jared and Chennel were the first to introduce macro nutrient based coaching. This is at the center of what they do, Training compliments the eating plans and macros tracking based methods. With Chennel having studied sports nutrition (ISSA and Shredded by Science Academy) and Jared being an award winning bodybuilder focused on personal training his clients, this is a group that is equipped with all the knowledge, skill, dedication needed for all their clients needs.