Before & Afters

Client Sheena, down 6kgs since starting, with some incredible back definition and body recomposition present.
Lowest Cutting Macros : 1620 120/150/60
Maintenance: 120/240/90

Well done to client Sheena, who's 6kgs down and has become an inspiring tri and dual athlete. She recently competed in the Discovery Triathalon in Cape Town last week, achieving some insane endurance and speed through her hard work and devotion to the process. We are proud of how brave you've become! Channel that courage, and let's keep going.

Client and resident powerhouse: Sam
Maintenance Cals: 2670 160P/350C/70F

Sam, a long time client and friend, experienced a weight loss history riddled with restrictive dieting attempts. Thank goodness she chose to end the cycle, and saw the logic in a flexible approach.

Thus far, she's achieved a weight loss of 10kgs, and has now turned toward the strength arena, making her debut as a force to be reckoned with on the SA powerlifting platform. We couldn't be prouder Sam. She's inspired her hubby (down 13kgs with Fit Guru thus far) to join her for this 2017 competitive season, and it's been a honour guiding both of these inspiring people we call friends. Thank you for the support of their programming coach Anton from Savage Support for his assistance.

Internationally acclaimed paddler, Bryan Le Roux, and fellow team member, placed 55th this weekend at a very arduous Duzi Canoe Marathon. After enduring more than 41 degrees of heat, and an exceptionally long run due to the river drying up, he was able to achieve one of the best placings of his career. Well done Bryan Leroux! We are looking forward to a very productive 2017 alongside you!

Client: Rene
Maintenance 2260 calories 140P/290C/60F
Lowest Cutting Macros 1485 calories 140/130/45

Well done Rene, it's been a pleasure guiding you!

Client: Rialette
Maintenance: 2380 calories 150P/310C/60F
Lowest Cut Macros: 1530 calories 150P/120C/50F
Thank you Rialette for helping us show that unnecessarily low calories are not needed when metabolic integrity is prioritised. It's been a pleasure guiding you.

Post from Kayla Van Rooyen:

"So this is pretty much my journey. These 2 pics do have quite a bit of time in between them but the picture on the right was when I was eating 500 to 800 calories a day and the left is now- over 2000 calories a day. Back then i was doing hours of cardio, starving, i was grumpy all the time, sick all the time. I avoided social events in fear of the food, i obsessed over every thing i ate, never tried anything new and I treated my body terribly.

After years if eating at a huge deficit, my body started giving up, i had no energy, my metabolism was shot and i started gaining weight due to an insanely slow metabolism and frequent binge eating episodes. Then I came across this 'iifym' thing, and I took a chance in getting myself a coach who actually changed my life (Chennel Jagesur) . My metabolism is now able to handle more than double what I used to eat, i am no longer afraid of food, i have learned to love my body for all it is capable of. I have started being adventurous and trying new foods, and I can finally say for once in my life I have a healthy relationship with food and my body.

This way of life is the most liberating thing I have ever done. The journey hasnt been easy and I have learned that the scale sucks and you must never let that number define you, everyone will have an opinion and tell u how u should look and what you should weigh. But what matters most is how u feel about yourself.
Frankly i will take the extra 2kgs over starving yourself just to weigh a certain number.
The biggest lesson i have learned along this journey is not to miss out on 80% of your life to weigh 2% less ."

Thank you for entrusting us on your path toward sustainable health Kayla. Continue flying that flag

The last 10 weeks of 2016 were gruelling, but totally worth every drop of sweat, pain, doubt and uncertainty (within myself). I may be going into 2017 with an injury but I'm definitely not going to let that slow me down or stop me as I know I have the best team behind me, looking after me.💪💪💪 @fitgirlchen and @jaredpieters I can honestly not thank you both enough for being not only the amazing coaches that you are but the genuine, down to earth, fun, loving people that you are. You guys are my inspiration, motivation and at times of doubt and weakness, my rock. Mad love and respect.

Client: Minette
Maintenance: 2630 calories 140P/360C/70F (and still rising as we focus on our recovery phase)
Lowest cut macros: 2065 calories 140P/230C/65F

Thank you for entrusting us to keep you fuelled and maxing to the best of your abilities! We promise to keep progressive in our methods to keep you safe!

Client: Rene
Maintenance 2260 calories 140P/290C/60F
Lowest Cutting Macros 1485 calories 140/130/45

Food phobias and binges of the past have been laid to rest. It's been a pleasure working with you Rene, and instilling a mindfulness about food composition that will hopefully last a lifetime.

CLIENT: Tyronne Du Toit
OBJECTIVES: Metabolic health, lean growth.

Teaching athletes the benefits of maintaining lower body fat levels in their off season, whilst working on metabolic health, conditioning and various micronutrient considerations are invaluable processes.

This is how you create BALANCED ATHLETES.
Athletes that can maintain their social relationships, be better partners and better friends.

What's more invaluable is teaching promising young athletes that you can make improvements without following rigid meal plans and enduring social awkwardness. This increases the longevity of one's career by reducing the psychological stress of "dieting" and unnecessary food restrictions.

Off seasons are meant to prioritise your metabolic integrity and prime you for a productive and smooth prep process. Maintaining comfortably not too far outside of your weight class can make or break your conditioning over time.

Elite athletes need to learn the tools over time to lead healthier more balanced lives, as the bodybuilding lifestyle can lead to much isolation and social obscurity. It's time to bridge these gaps and create healthier, HAPPIER and more educated athletes.